Not alone either. We’re really happy to see how many people, companies and others in Czech Republic are willing to help the other in the the fight with disease.

That’s why we would like to notice perfect action from Italian – Czech Chamber of Commerce. (Facebook, LinkedIn)
To be part of the chamber – not only for meeting new people and build business relationships, but also to be a part of a large group of individuals and companies that together want to help. And that’s what really happened.

Thanks to M.C.T. Distribution & service s.r.l. (member of the chamber) (Facebook) and CAMIC team it was possible to realize a delivery of respirators to our republic. And from the moment we got to know this is happening, we lent a helping hand in a form of free distribution. The distribution takes place right now.

Thanks to the cooperation we are ready to protect not only our partners – and that’s the most important thing nowadays. We’re proud to take a part too.

#primalogistics #togetherwellmakeit