The China’s new year’s holidays were extended by the government till February 10th. The main reason was corona virus outbreak and with closures of some areas these are the steps to isolate the outbreak sources and minimise the spread as much as possible.

Although the beginning of the new Chinese Year – the Year of the Metal Rat – wasn’t great, we all hope for a calm future that will bring what is expected. The new year has to favorize those who want to start a new project or bussiness, learn new habits, restore friendships etc. You only have to have it greatly thought out and it will be all good.

Continuous negotiations between China and USA also take place. The last information is, that China will reduce tariffs on some of the american products (in total amount around 75 billion USD). Effective on February 14th, some tariffs will be reduced to 5% from 10%, some to 2.5% from 5%.