Take care of your health, take care when choosing the sources of information.
Nowadays, we’re surrounded by information. That’s why is it so important to carefully pick the only ones that are trustful and the best for us.
We’re here to provide you answers for all your tranportation and logistics queries, Loono is here for the same in the health sector (LinkedIn, Facebook).

What’s great nowadays too, is the fact you can support each other not only by donating money, but also by simply doing something.

We decided to support Loono right away by adding their banner on our site, so all the visitors who don’t know Loono yet could have their page right away. Meaning they can find a perfect place with verified information that they can spread all around, for example at the workplace which is great.
Big up for Blanka Sigmundová, Petra Císařová, Kateřina Vacková and all the other from Loono’s team for this platform. Also thank you for educating the public with such a drive, even when the situation isn’t directly in your favour.
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