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From China to Czechia & Europe fast and easy

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From China to Czechia via Truck? 🚛💨

Does it sound to you like a non effective thing? Think again, it’s exact opposite. Why?

Using truck on this route lets you transport cargo which is usually no go for air or sea transport.

For example: batteries, cordless power tools, chemicals, print cartridges/inks, ammo etc.

So aside from the safe one also the dangerous one (ADR).

You have a feeling that the transport must take forever to arrive? No way, it’s duration is similar to rail transport.

Transit Time around 30 days.

Only Full Truck Load? No, we got more options.

Unlike others in Europe, you can count on us with our collection service starting at 200 kgs!

Furthermore, we can take care of collection and distribution in both China and Czech Republic.

You can transport bulk and palletized cargo.

Maximum height of pallets is 2,75 m.

Tarpaulin and Box vehicles.

P.S.: We are departing every day.

So although it may all sound a bit unordinary, it works. And that’s important. 😊

If you would like to ask us about anything or request an offer, be sure to let us know at our mail stated down below. (

We will be more than happy to hear from you!